“That Puppet Gameshow”


“That Puppet Gameshow” wanted illustrations of their puppets, that they might use as icons in the programme. It was important that the illustrations gave a good idea of the personality of the puppet they were representing.

Development of the illustration of “Fish”

With Sausage and Fish being a sort of “Laurel and Hardy” duo (Sausage being Laurel, and Fish being Hardy), I initially illustrated Fish emphasising the pompous and frustrated facet of Hardy’s personality. Upon discussion with the client, they felt he needed to be much goofier and look a lot less angry, so I gave him a big smile and widened his eyes. I had to agree, he was starting to look much more sharklike than a little fish! Again we spoke, and they decided they wanted him to look a lot soppier and sweeter, which was a trait I associated more with Laurel, but certainly suited the puppet much better. So with that one done, he was ready for his sidekick!




The final illustrated icons of the puppets…